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south west france

It’s the morning after the days before, and I still have pretty black teeth.

That’s because I’ve spent the last two days with my four fellow Wine Gang members above The Atlas pub in West London as we kicked off the South West France wines campaign for 2012.

R-L, Joanna Simon, Anthony Rose and David Williams on the Gaillacs

The selection process is the first step in our South West France wine work – we had to choose a range of wines that will represent the region over the next 12 months in the region’s various wine marketing initiatives.

So, after blind tasting well over 200 wines (several times) over these last couple of days, we’ve made a nifty selection of 93 wines that taste great and which people will love.

But it’s not just about the best the region has to offer, it’s about the diversity of this region too.

From the oomph and density of red wines from Madiran and Fronton to the prettiness and delicacy of the Côtes de Gascogne white wines, it’s still really clear that wines from the South West of France are under-appreciated and overlooked by wine drinkers (but it also means there’s some wicked value for money to be had too, so maybe we shouldn’t spread the word too much!).

Granted, there are a LOT of sub-region names to get to grips with, but as a starting point for now – Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, Irouléguy and Jurançon are all worth a look as we found some exquisite dry white wines from these sub-regions this week.

Much, much more will follow very soon, both here and on The Wine Gang’s site, so be sure to watch these spaces if you want to find out more over the coming months.


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