Wine & Food

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Let me introduce you to Wine & Food, my very first book!

It’s a hardback, and as the name suggests, it covers all things wine, as well as wine with food.

The tone it takes is the same way I’d chat about wine to friends over dinner about wine. And that was pretty important to me, because their knowledge levels are very different but they all want to to be steered in the right direction (rather than told outright) what kind of wine would work well with their food.

And so here it is. A layman’s term (I’d like to think), chatty book that’s crammed with useful tips and hints to help people make the most out of their wine experience whatever it may be.

As well as covering the main grape varieties and wine styles they make, it also covers:
* Today’s wine trends
* Up-and-coming regions and grapes/wine styles
* Food chapters (with wines to pair with them) on meat, fish, vegetables, cheese and spice
* A mini cheat’s guide on what wines to try depending on what flavour you like
* Useful snippets on things like wines to match with takeaway food, why Sherry is so brilliant, what does oak really do to a wine, and what’s the difference between organic/biodynamic and natural wine??

Plus LOADS more, of course!

It’s £19.99, and can be found in all good bookshops, including Waterstones and Foyles, but many independent stores too, and of course, Amazon.

Published by Ryland Peters and Small.

30-Second Wine


The wine book of the hugely successful 30-Second series will be released this September, and I’m delighted to be one of the contributors.

The idea is that experts explain the key ideas, concepts, themes and theories about wine in just 30 seconds – or 300 words and one picture. So the book is made up of 50 stand-alone explanations, presented in manageable bites that require no more than 30 seconds to read and digest.

It’s a great and unique concept, so look out for it when it’s released!

It’s hardback, £14.99, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Produced by Ivy Press.